Do you have an American patriot in your family tree?

The DAR honors and preserves the legacy of your patriot ancestors. Over two hundred years ago, American patriots fought and sacrificed for the freedoms that we enjoy today. As a member of the DAR, you can continue this legacy by actively supporting historic preservation, promotion of education, and patriotic endeavors through participation in our chapter's various programs and activities (such as those listed on this and the home page), as well as those of the National Society!

Today's DAR is comprised of amazing ladies, just like you! We come from diverse backgrounds, hold a variety of interests, and share a unique common bond in our lineal descent. To be eligible to join, you must be a woman aged 18 years or older and be a direct descendant of an ancestor who aided in the cause for American independence between the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, and the withdrawal of British troops from New York on November 26, 1783. You may also have a family member who is or was a DAR member through whom you can apply.

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World War I

The chapter supported three French War Orphans: Alexandre Forget, Eugene Fallett, and a third whose name is unknown. Money was contributed to rebuild the Village of Tilloloy, France, and its water supply system. Support was given to the military services and service organizations in the form of money, food, and knitted garments. The chapter purchased Liberty Loan Bonds and contributed to foreign country relief projects. In September 1997, three chapter members accompanied the NSDAR President General, Mrs. Charles Keil Kemper, to Tilloloy, France, for the rededication of the works done by the NSDAR in Tilloloy.

World War II

The chapter continued to provide similar support as it had in World War I. Local monetary support was given to the Red Cross and military hospitals. Contributions were made toward the building of Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The chapter was involved in blood drives and the purchase of war bonds and stamps which were especially needed to support the war effort. Chapter members served in the Armed Forces.

Korea and Vietnam

Chapter members served in the Armed Forces or Red Cross overseas and stateside.

Desert Storm

The chapter provided a special collection of personal items as part of a community effort to support Operation Something from Home.

Valley Forge Bell Tower

The chapter is included in the Maryland book listing those chapters who donated funds towards the construction of the Bell Tower. The chapter contributed to the Maryland Bell and the restoration of the Maryland plaque in the Bay of Colonies. According to a newspaper article, the granite-like material used to build the Bay of Colonies came from Stoneyhurst Quarries which was owned by Lilly Stone of this chapter.

NSDAR Museum

A memorial plaque and donation to the museum was given in memory of Sgt. John Harvey, a member's nephew who was killed in 1980 during the attempt to rescue the U.S. Embassy hostages in Iran.

Ellis Island

The chapter placed the name of General Richard Montgomery on the Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island. He was the husband of Janet Montgomery for whom our chapter is named. Individual members were responsible for over $3200 being donated for the Wall of Honor. For over forty years the chapter consistently gave money for special projects and gave hand knit or other garments to Ellis Island for the immigrant and occupational therapy programs.

Statue of Liberty

Members gave contributions of money to help with the restoration of the statue as part of the NSDAR Liberty Love Day project.

DAR Medal of Honor

The DAR Medal of Honor was presented to Jonda Riley McFarlane as representative of the Francis Scott Key Foundation. The medal was to recognize the Foundation's work in creating the lovely Francis Scott Key Park: the Star-Spangled Banner Monument in Georgetown, District of Columbia, adjacent to the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

President General's Project

The chapter donated funds in 2003 to the President General's Project to honor its members. A silver leaf is placed on the donor tree at NSDAR headquarters, inscribed with "To Honor Our Members, Janet Montgomery Chapter, Rockville, Maryland, Founded 1909." This project will preserve the records of genealogical information on Revolutionary War patriots and their descendants, and membership records.

Project Patriot

Members and non-members donated funds in 2002 to provide care packages to the military personnel aboard the John C. Stennis military vessel. Members also volunteered hours of time at NSDAR headquarters to package the gifts. The National Society is the sponsor of the John C. Stennis ship. The chapter continued to be active in this project through 2006.