Abbe, David MA
Alleman, Henry PA (Private)
Alsbury, Thomas VA (Drummer, Scout)

Beard, John SC (Private, Calvery)
Bennett, Jeremiah NY
Bennett, Joseph VA (Drummer)
Bible, Johann Adam, Sr. VA (Patriotic Service)
Bible, Maria Eva Margaretha VA (Patriotic Service)
Boehm, Philip PA
Boggs, Francis VA (Patriotic Service, Indian Spy, Scout)
Boggs, Mary Clendenin VA (Patriotic Service)
Branner, Casper VA
Branner, John VA
Braunmiller, Luttwick PA (Private)
Brown, Benajah VA (Patriotic Service)
Brown, Thomas MD
Buck, David CT

Cabiness, George NC
Campbell, Mathew PA (Private)
Carpenter, Ann VA 
Carpenter, George 
Carpenter, Henry 
Chamberlain, Jacob 
Champion, Cuthbert VA 
Chapman, Ozias CT 
Chase, Ezekial
Clement, Jonathan 
NH (Corporal-MA, Sergeant, Patriotic Service)
Clendenin, Charles VA (Patriotic Service)
Clendenin, James VA (Patriotic Service)
Clendenin, Margaret Anderson VA (Patriotic Service)
Cole, Seth MA
Collins, Jeffrey VA (Private)
Cotter, William VA (Private)
Courtwright, Solomon NJ
Crenshaw, Joseph VA
Curtis, Joshua NY (Private)
Cutlip, David VA (Private)

De Daupierre, Pierre Francois FR
Dickinson, Elisha CT
Dickinson, Friend CT
Dudderar, Conrad MD

Elbert, Samuel GA (Major General, Militia)
Elliott, Benjamin 
Elliott, William
 DE (Patriotic Service)
Emmons, Joseph CT
Endicott, Moses NC (Private)
English, Elijah MA
Ensign, Jacob Sr. MA
Estes, Joel VA

Fitchett, John VA (Private, 9th VA Regiment)
Forry, Abraham
Fort, Daniel 
NY (Private, Albany County Militia)
Fowler, Adijah, Sr. CT (Patriotic Service)
Frame, David VA (Militia and Public Service)
Frum, William MD (Private)
Fuller, Thomas CT 

Gay, John 
NC (Patriotic Service)
Gilbert, William MA
Goddard, Frederick NC
Godward, George NC
Graves, Ann VA (Patriotic Service)
Green, Charles NY
Griswold, John CT
Guerrant, Peter, Jr. VA (Captain, Militia)
Gwatkin, Charles VA (Captain, Militia)

Hand, Henry NC
Hartlove, John MD
Haswell, Anthony MA
Hawes, John MA (Private)
Heffner, Jacob PA (Court Martial Man)
Henckel, John Justus, Sr. VA (Owned Frontier Fort)
Henckel, Maria Magdalena Eschmann VA (Patriotic Service)
Hibbard, Timothy CT (Private)
Hide, John PA
Hight, George VA (Private)
Hinton, William PA (Private)
Hollingsworth, James NC
Houser, Andrew, Jr. SC (Private, Calvery)
Houston, James PA
Houston, John PA 
Humphrey, William 
Hyer, Leonard, Sr. 
VA (Patriotic Service)
Hyer, Leonard, Jr. VA (Patriotic Service)

Ingails, Henry NH

Jennings, John MD (Patriotic Service)
Johnson, James VA

Keiter, George PA
Kershner, Johann Conrad PA (Patriotic Service)
Kershner, Jeremias PA (Patriotic Service)
Kimball, Jessie CT 
King, Dan 

Lea, James, Sr. DE
Lemasters, Benjamin VA (Sergeant, 1st VA Regiment, Continental Army)
Lemon, John MD
Lewis, John VA (Patriotic Service)
Lewis, Joseph, Sr. VA (Patriotic Service)
Lindley, Thomas NC (Patriotic Service)
Little, Jonas
Lowmaster, Frederick 
PA (Private)
Lyle, Maher VA (Private and Patriotic Service)

Maclay, John PA (Patriotic Service)

Magruder, Zadok MD (Colonel)
Maner, William, Jr. SC (Captain, Francis Marion's Raiders)
Marsh, Reuben MA (Private)
Martin, Isaac MA
McCauley, Elizabeth Catherine Watson VA
McCauley, James Jonathon VA 
McIntire, James 
NC (Sergeant)
Mims, David VA
Mollohan, George M., Sr. VA (Scout, Tracker)
Mollohan, Nancy H. Jones VA (Patriotic Service)
Montgomery, Robert NJ (Continental Congress)
Moore, Charles NY (Sergeant)
Moorer, Jacob SC
Morehouse, Jepthah NJ
Morgan, Zedekiah CT
Morgandollar, John SC (Patriotic Service)
Mosby, Littleberry, Sr. VA (Colonel, Militia, Patriotic Service)
Moseley, Arthur VA (Patriotic Service)
Moseley, Robert VA Lieutenant, Militia
Moseley, Thomas VA Private, Militia 
Mulkey, Philip II NC 
Mundy, Jonathan 
VA (Private)
Murdock, David NC (Lieutanant)
Murphy, Patrick VA (Private Continental Line, Public Service)
Muthart, Johann Frederich PA (Patriotic Service)

Negley, Balthauser VA (Patriotic Service)
Negley, Christina Raisch VA (Patriotic Service)
Newmyer, Peter PA 
Nolf, George
 PA (Captain)


Olinger, Peter PA (Militia, Patriotic Service)
Orme, Robert MD (Patriotic Service)
Overmyer, John George PA (Captain)

Painter, Thomas Welcher CT
Pancoast, Adin MD (Patriotic Service)
Parkison, Daniel PA (Private)
Peterson, Nancy Jane Jones VA (Patriotic Service)
Peterson, William Laurens VA (Ensign)
Phares, Elizabeth Hill VA (Patriotic Service)
Phares, John VA (Corporal, Patriotic Service)
Phares, Johnson VA 
Phares, Sarah Negley 
VA (Patriotic Service)
Phillippi, Jacob PA
Pickett, Micajah SC
Pierce, Ezekiel RI
Pitkan, William CT (Patriotic Service)
Poage, George VA (Captain)
Pond, Bartholomew CT (Private)
Pond, Timothy CT (Lieutanant)
Pose, Lewis VA
Powell, George NC (Private, Militia)
Powell, William, Sr. NC (Patriotic Service)

Raudebaugh, Adam VA (Patriotic Service)
Reib, Nicholas PA (Private)
Ringle, Matthias PA
Rinker, Abraham PA 
Ross, George
PA (Signer of the Declaration of Independence)
Ruffcorn, Simon PA
Rush, John

Schmeisser, Jacob PA (Private)
Scott, Charles VA (Brigadier General, Scott's Brigade, Continental Army)
Smith, Peter, Sr. NC (Patriotic Service)
Smith, Uriah NC (Patriotic Service)
Southwell, Sarah SC (Patriotic Service)
Sperry, Peter 
Stadden, Thomas 
Stern, George 
Stiles, Cyrus MA
Stinson, Elijah NC 
Stoudenmeyer, Martin 
SC (Patriotic Service)
Strain, Peter PA
Swinson, Theophilus NC (Private)

Teter, Philip VA (Militia)
Teter, Susannah Henckel VA (Patriotic Service)
Tissue, William PA
Titus, Joseph CT
Thompson, Richard VA

Van Fleet, William NJ (Private)
Veeder, Nicholas NY (Patriotic Service)
Vick, John VA (Patriotic Service)

Yoder, Jacob PA (Private)

Watkins, Jeremiah MD (Patriotic Service)
Wilson, Archibald
Wilson, William, Sr. 
Wiltse, Henry, Jr. 
Wiltse, Henry, Sr. NY 
Winters, Thomas 
Wohlfart, Nicholas PA (Patriotic Service)

The following brave men and women are direct ancestors of our members and associates who either fought

in the American Revolution or donated goods or services to the cause of American independence

between the years of 1775 and 1783.


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